Puch Cobra starting then dying/not starting.

Well, it's been a year since i've posted here. It's summer again here in Ocean City NJ and I got the moped running first day that i took it out of storage, without ANY problems. I drained the gas tank a little before starting it and it's been fine...

It's a 1987 Puch Cobra by the way.... or at least i think it's a 1987.

So, I refilled the gas tank two days ago. It ran fine for about 3 hours on and off (was running around the island for party supplies - a friend's father was launching his boat). I go to drive it home, and half way home (approximately a mile) I feel it start kicking really badly. It drops out entirely, and turns off. I stop, check the spark plug, and get it running again no sweat.. then a bit further down the road it dies again. And again. And again. Now i have to pedal around the block with the clutch down at about 10mph to get it to start, and then it dies really fast.

Checked the gas line; it's clean. The oil/gas ratio was "perfect" according to my measurements (50:1). Just used the same oil I used last year... Premium gas, ect.

I'm starting to think it might be overheating though - is that possible?

Any recommendations? =/ Thanks


Re: Puch Cobra starting then dying/not starting.

Smitty Smith /

Check for airleaks, and you may want to clean the carb, as it may be gummed-up from remnants of last year's fuel.

Hope you get it back running soon!



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