Negrini Top Tank Wheels

I have a Negrini top tank from 1980 and the front wheel giggles back in forth in the forth. It is warped a little and I was interested in replacing it. However, since these bikes are few and far between the only place that has parts for them is handy bikes and the guy there wants 120 for a front wheel which I find ridiculous seeing how he claims that negrinis only can use negrini wheels. One would think that if this was true he would be more willing to haggle over the price of an item few people would want but--but no. I have a front wheel from and old Tomos A3 and they seem to be the same size and I was wondering if this would fit or if any other wheels would fit this bike.


Negrini Top Tank Wheels

giggles should be jiggles and the other typo should be back and forth --sorry

Re: Negrini Top Tank Wheels

Is it a wire wheel or a mag type wheel? If it is a wire type a bike shop should be able to true up it up.


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Re: Negrini Top Tank Wheels

Yes they are spoke wheels and I checked with a local shop and they want $130 flat rate to tru the wheel. At that price I might as well get the new one.

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