flywheel removal

does anyone have any tips for removing the flywheel? i have a 1978 puch kromag "free spirit" and it's turning out to be more of a project than i thought. i'm hoping that either cleaning the contact points or replacing them will give me a good spark but it could be a variety of problems. but my original question is how do you take that flywheel off without the "special tool"?

Re: flywheel removal

The cost of the tool is less than the cost of replacing a damaged flywheel, or bent crankshaft. sells the Bosch double-ended flywheel puller for about $20+ship. I'd suggest you get one.

Re: flywheel removal

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

you can take an awl and a hammer. the freewheel should have a couple of little divits that the awl will fit in. the freewheel is reverse threaded on the hub so keep that in mind.

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