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Hi all, I'm new to the site and to mopeds. I just bought a 1979 yamaha qt-50, but it needs some work. It's not running yet, but I hope to at least take it around the block by the end of august (my birthday!) According to the previous owner, the most critical thing it needs is to have the carb cleaned. Basically, I need some parts and general advice if anyone's familiar with this model. Any tips or tricks that you'd like to pass on to a moped n00b?

Parts I'm looking for:


Battery Box

The thing that connects the spark plug to the spark plug wire*

Brake cables


Muffler heat shield


In approximate order of importance, starred items being most critical to get the thing running.

I can't wait to join the ranks!


Re: qt50 fixerupper

Grab the QT50 manuals HERE

Studying the manual is never a waste of time..

Take advantge of the stuff in Resources Use the "Search" link to find QT50-specific threads in this forum ..

Cleaning the fuel system is primary to getting the thing to start, idle, run well and run reliably.

The thing that connects the spark plug to the spark plug wire? Do you mean the large rubber boot at the end of the wire? If so, they along with ignition wires can be purchased at auto-part stores.

Visit the Buy / Sell Forum for stock replacement parts and stuff.

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