1981 Indian AMI-50 Chief in need of parts and help

Ok here's the deal. I recently bought a 1981 Indian AMI-50 Chief moped that runs but runs sadley. Only gave the guy $75 for it running but on the way out of his garage i broke the speedo glass. I need some help, runs strong at an idle but when I give it gas it spits and sputters then stalls. Anybody got a idea on that please tell me. I also need some parts for it including:

throtel cabel

side covers


air cleaner and assembly

kickstand is there but goes all the way forward and doesnt hold the bike up.

Anyone who can help me out please do I would like to ride this beauty to and from school. Other wise im still walkin there. Zak-

Re: 1981 Indian AMI-50 Chief in need of parts and

spits, sputters and stales.. Sounds like the carb has problems.. and you already mentioned a couple clues.. throttle cable and air/cleaner assembly.

Problems with either of those could upset the way the carb delivers air and fuel, and the engine won't run right. Other possiblilities are also related to fuel delivery, anything anywhere from the tank to the engine.. Another thing could be fuel or air or vacuum leaks from dried out gaskets or loose nuts and bolts.

give the bike a thorough going over and tune up. Visit the Resouces has some general tips.

Re: 1981 Indian AMI-50 Chief in need of parts and

hey thanks for that link very helpful. I should have mentioned this eariler but the trottle cable is there but at one time had a connection to the top throttle cable. that connection is missing. the cabel itself is there and operational by hand but not with the grip.

Re: 1981 Indian AMI-50 Chief in need of parts and

i wish i could point you to a Indian manual but afaik, nobody around here has ever found one.

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