motobecane staring problems

I can`t start my motobecane.ignition and carburator works good.i don`t know how to use the decompressor cable.I want someone to help me.thanks

Re: motobecane staring problems

if everything is tuned up properly you should be able to stand on the right hand side off the bike and pull the decomp. lever toward you and give a good kick and in the middle of the kick release the decompression lever and give it a little gas.

i found recently, that you shouldnt need to use the choke. i was usin it to start the bike and was having aboat load of trouble starting her. just use the decompression.

Re: motobecane staring problems

Fwiw, my Moby does need the choke to start, if the air temperature is below 75-80 or so.

Check out the Motobecane owner's manual HERE for the correct staring procedures.

Re: motobecane staring problems

thanks for help!

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