Puch not idling

Hey Everyone.

I've got a puch maxi that is having trouble idling. It has a brand new engine in it, a 14 bing carb, and a 60 jet. I can get it to start by opening the throttle all the way, but it won't start with the choke down and the throttle closed. Once it is started, it will rev and ride just fine (well not exactly fine, maybe a little slow), but as soon as the throttle is closed, it revs down and dies. I've adjusted the idle screw with unfortunately no avail. There's also a bunch of smoke coming out of the magneto case.

Also, when the throttle is closed and I pedal, i'm not sure how to explain this, it sounds different. Like thinner somehow. Could this be a clutch issue?

Any ideas on how to get it to idle smoothly? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Puch not idling

Oh, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but none of the lights work either.


Re: Puch not idling

you might want to check the height of your float bowl, not that this would have to do with your lighting problem, but it could deffinetly have something to do with your idling problem

Re: Puch not idling

smoke coming out of the magneto? and lights don't work?

Well, the magneto does generate electricity for the lights so that could be a clue ..

whats with the smoke? smell like wire insulation? You hear a lot of scraping noise too by any chance?

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Maybe its not coming out of the magneto, maybe it's just the crankcase. It's hard to tell. Doesn't smell like wires burning. It's definitely exhaust coming out.

I don't think it's the float bowl. It seems fine, I tried a different carb and it exhibits the same problems.

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Your crank shaft seals are facing the correct direction? you said this was a brand new engine stock rebuilt kit ?Who did the new engine someone who's familiar with rebuilding puch engines?Jim

Re: Puch not idling

The moped was bought in a non-working condition, with the new engine already installed from a person who bought from someone else who installed the engine. It looks stock, except for the bigger carb. I looked at the engine, it's definitely new and everything looked like it was installed properly. After cleaning the points and the carb, replacing the gaskets, it started up the way I described. When I replaced the crankshaft seal, I just lined up the holes with the gasket.

Do you think I could have put it in wrong? The clutch does feel different, but still works how you would think it would work. The clutch lever moves less than it did before.

What is the procedure for installing a clutch? How could I have messed it up when I replaced the crankshaft seal?

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since smoke is coming from the magneto I'm thinking the seal was put in backwards this can easily happen since all three seals go in diferently the magneto seal goes in with the backing towards you like you would expect.The other seal for the clutch side is the oppisite the backing of the seal faces towards the inside if the crackshaft housing while the interior of that seal faces the clutch housing. BTW the clutch side seal is behind the bearing not in front.also the primary drive gear aka"front sprocket seal" the interior of that seal faces outward "the seal iternals are visible if you remove the sprocket".so you can see how someone could get confused and install it wrong and if it is it wont seal and exhaust will come out the magneto and will cause you to burn to lean and posibly stall don't run it lean or you will seize.Jim.

Re: Puch not idling

but what is producing this smoke?

There is no exhaust smoke in the crankcase behind the seals..only fresh fuel mix is in the crankcase...

first thing i'd do is track down the actual source of the smoke.

Re: Puch not idling

True.There is no exhaust behind the seals but if mix is leaking through the spark of the points could be burning what little mix was leaking, but electrical is more likely but he said it didn't smell like wires/insulation.jeff take a whiff off the magneto does it smell like oil/gas are ther any left overs of the gas oil mix in the magneto?Jim.

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