Batavus stalls often

Hi Everyone,

I just got my first moped which is a 1979 Batavus (regency, I think). It's in very nice visual shape and only has 1100 miles. The problem I'm having is that it starts and runs for a brief period of time (5 minutes), but then starts stalling and stalls more and more. It also sort of joltingly loses and gains power as it stalls.

When it stalls, I can usually wait a few minutes and then get is started again for another 30 seconds before stalling again. The stalls become more frequent as it runs.

I've read some of the articles on the site and it seems like this is either a carbeurator problem or a spark plug problem. Does it sound like it's obviously one or the other?



Re: Batavus stalls often

Since the engine runs and well at times, the number one suspect is erratic fuel delivery. This problem is almost universal on bikes that have sat around for years .. or decades.. The problem could be anywhere from the gas tank's cap down to the engine.

Examining, cleaning, fixing and adjusting everything involved in that entire fuel pathway is a very good way to spend initial efforts to get an old bike back on the road, running well and reliably.

There are 2 Batavus manuals on this page which may be helpful .. also go through the Resources link atop the page .. for example Freds Guide should be useful.

Re: Batavus stalls often

i am having a similar prob. with my badger. i checked the fuel flow and it is fine until i hook the line up to the carb. as soon as i do that the flow becomes nothing more than a trickle. i havent had time to pull the carb apart for a good cleaning but i suspect that it is from some kind of vent being blocked.

Re: Batavus stalls often

Don Pflueger /

clean your gas cap vent and entire fuel system.

Re: Batavus stalls often

Thanks for the advice everyone. I checked out the fuel line and found that there was rust clogging the line. I cleaned it out and everything seems to be working perfectly.

I was sort of amazed that I managed to pull this off since I had basically no idea what I was doing.

Re: Batavus stalls often

I spoke a little too soon-- it runs well, but still stalls when I stop completely. I've added some fuel line treatment, so maybe this will help clear things up further.

Re: Batavus stalls often

working on the fuel lines and stuff tends to knock a bunch of dirt and rust loose.. It's possible that not all of it has been completely cleaned out and further carburation problem are the result.

If the system is clean, it sounds like your idle is too low. According to the BAtavus owner's manual there's an idle speed adjust screw accessible through a hole in the pulley.

Get the bike good and hot before adjusting idle speed. If it's adjusted on the cold engine it won't idle when hot.

(and make sure the starting clutch cable is adjusted so the clutch is completely released unless you pull the lever)

Re: Batavus stalls often

if you had rust in the fuel line you more than likely have rust in your carb. would pull it off and clean it real good.

Re: Batavus stalls often

Don Pflueger /

your not squeezing the clutch lever as it runs by any chance are you?

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