whole front end gone!1!1!1!

Today around 12:30 pm my friend randy and myself were cruizing and having a good time we met up with a frind who owns a honda passport and so we all went cruizing. top make a long story short he stalled i went to pass him he kick stared went into 2nd gear right away and cut in front of me doing 50 mph. my moped did 2 front flips and i was catapulted into the top of a 40ft tree across the street.

My whole front end is toatled the handdle bars are twisted forks are all bent up and when i hit 45 the engin sounds very werid like it wants to bog out. i bought a new 70cc kit today for it for around $150.00 and the engin runs great agin but the front end is still completly f'ed up. im almost broke and need my ped to get to work and back. Any ideals on how i can straightn every thing out?

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

With a story like that Joe I think you should write a book of fictional stories and sell it to raise money to fix your ped.

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

Brian Mikami /

Could be a good read...the first chapter is pretty exciting...if not embellished a bit.

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

Sorry I can't offer you any real help. But you said you were cruising with your friend on his Honda Passport... that's the name of an SUV Honda sold in the mid-90s, I think it was a re-branded Isuzu Rodeo. I never realized they sold a moped by that name, too.

Take a picture of your friend's moped sitting beside a different Honda SUV, like a Pilot or CRV, and put it on sale on Ebay Motors: "LOW MILAGE HONDA PASSPORT FOR SALE! LOW RESERVE!" Maybe someone will get confused, and bid a couple of thousand for the moped. That should more than cover your repairs!

(Note: I wouldn't actually try this)

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

A Honda Passport is a Honda C70 stepthrough scooter, 3 speed semiauto, 70cc, 4 stroke, sold forever throughout the world. I like them a lot. Someone on this board just recently bought one.

I guess you'll need to assess "f*cked up"ness of your front end. If the front wheel is still straight then you can keep it and maybe true it up. You'll need to replace the front forks and front suspension. If it's not too bad then maybe you can straighten them out. Check your triple tree. I don't know what 'ped you have. You should also look at your frame to ensure it wasn't bent. There must be other damage to lights, etc.

How did you get to 50mph on a 'ped to catapault you to the top of a 40' tree across the street? That's a whole lot of force involved, and how did you get such lofty upward trajectory? 40' is about 3 stories high.

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

BTW did you hurt yourself? While I know you care about your 'ped your health is more important. Take care of your wounds, sprains, road rash, cuts, etc.

Do you have any pics of the 'ped? Your wounds?

Re: whole front end gone!1!1!1!

Joe Dicola /

if i can get my hands on to a digital camera i will take pics of it all and were it happend. i scraped up my legs a great deal and for the most part of the ped its a tomos ttlx and the whole back fram bent down below the tail light which now dosnt work either. me and my friend randy torched the forks and handle bars and bent them back into place.

my ped gos faster then 50 tops out at about 55-53 reason being the 70cc kit and pipe i have on it. when it gets to the o on the tomos part of the speedometer you know your going at least 50.

the guy who was riding the passport told me today his back tire is all fucked up now so im thinijng when he wheelied in front of me i hit that.

btw any one know how much new forks cost i can get new ones for like 40 but any one no some were cheaper? and a new front plastic peice for about 60-90 bucks need to find a decent piced store.

ps guy got 2 passports for 400.

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