low rpm's +headlight on = ciao stalls


currently I'm riding my ciao mostly during the day with the headlight off. I'm riding it with the light off because when i turn it on and i'm running, then slow down or i am at an idle, the moped stalls. It's like it's sucking all the energy from the engine or something? what could be the problem?

If I put it on the stand, turn the light off, pedal, and rev up, it starts fine. I'll start to go, turn the headlight on and all is good, until i start to slow down to come to a stop. If I am at any other speed, it is fine and runs great.

I know that both the headlight and tail/brake light are good. I just replaced the tail/brake light with a new one, so it couldn't be a bad bulb causing the ped to die when i apply the brakes.


Re: low rpm's +headlight on = ciao stalls

Power for lights is not free.. When you switch on accessories the engine has to work harder .. it has to divert somw power. The power is being drawn by the magnets and coils in the magneto which presents an increased load to the engine.

Some amount of horsepower is being transformed into electricity and less is available to turn the engine. Since the engine barely runs at idle it can die.

Readjust your idle speed (and/or idle air:fuel mixture if an adjustment is available) Get the engine good and hot and then turn on the headlight .. then adjust idle.

Some automobile manuals instruct that the highbeam headlights be turned on and that an auto-transmission be in Drive when adjusting idle .. so additional loads at idle are taken into account.

Re: low rpm's +headlight on = ciao stalls

disconnect the two wires on each brake lever to disable the brake light. Then take a ride and see if your engine dies when you apply the barkes.

If it doesn't then you have a problem with the brake light bulb or circuit. Clean the ground wiree and where it connects on the rear taillight

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