Problems starting Garelli

My moped is a 1978 Garelli Super Sport XL. I recently took off the gear box cover by accident when i was messing around with it, I put it back on and put the correct oil in, i think, and now there seems to be no compression. When I measured the compression it was only reading about 15-20 max. The plug sparks great outside the cylinder. When i put the cover back into place, and tried to start it it will not turn over, AT ALL, there is no reaction in the engine at all, but i think the cylinder is still moving. Maybe the plug isn’t sparking inside the head, or the clutch is slipping when the pressure begins to build. when I pedal it seems a lot easier to pedal then previously, leading me to think of a compression issue.

-Any help is appreciated.

Re: Problems starting Garelli

go "HERE" and grab the Garelli manual .. Clutch adjustment info begins on page 76... you'll probably want to read about removing and reinstalling the cover, along with everything else.

The bike ran fine before .. i wouldn't suspect anything is now wrong with it that a few adjustments won't cure.

whoops.. manual is here

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