moped won't start

OK, I by accident took off the gear box cover when i was messin with my moped, and all the oil in the gear box came out. I put it back together, but now it won't start at all, there is no action what-so-ever inside the engine. I think there is no compression, and my friend says the clutch my be slipping ( like i know what that means) If anyone knows of a way to fix this, or has any suggestions please let me know. And if your wondering, yes it ran fine before this, but always seemed to have trouble startling. How do u fix compression in the cylinder?

any help is appreciated

Re: moped won't start

some gear box covers include the clutch adjust mechanism.. if it's not adjusted or assembled correctly the engine may not crank, or if it cranks, may not run... the piston may not go up and down.

Cylinder compression will be zero if the starting clutch doesn't engage and the piston doesnt move.. Since it ran fine before, compression is not an issue.

wanna share with us the brand, model and year? maybe someone will point you to a repair manual.

Re: moped won't start

you might have put the wrong oil in and thats why its slipping?

Re: moped won't start

i posted a new post about this containing the brand model and year, and some other problems i did not think to list before. Thanks for the help, please read my other post if u think u can help further

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