yamaha QT50 Battery Question

Hello all,

I recently aquired a 1984 Yamaha QT50 that is mechanically complete, but is missing several pieces. In particular, it's missing the rear rack, battery holder, battery, and battery wires. I'm wondering if someone could either send me a photo or explain how to hook a battery back up? Also, is there a recommended source for tires that someone could suggest? I'd also be happy to hear anyone's advice on brining this machine to life after it's prolonged dormancy (I'll be changing all fluids, fuel line (with filter) before anything). Thanks for your time, I'm looking forward to this project!


Re: yamaha QT50 Battery Question

JC Whitney should have a nice, cheap battery for you. The small 6V units are in the $10-15 range.


Re: yamaha QT50 Battery Question

go HERE and get all the QT50 manuals .. and read FREDs GUIDE

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