Bravo Turn signal blinker

Hello all, Well thanks again for the info on here It helped get a old neglected moped back on the road. I do have one last problem, The turn signals do not work and I can not find the blinker module. Were should this module be located? I haven't come across it so far, and have had the bike pretty much disassembled. Also should the lights be lite all the time and then just blink when the switch is turned on?

Thanks again, Jim

Re: Bravo Turn signal blinker

The blinker relay module should be in the same side box where your 6 volt battery is located.

You can buy one here

If the blinker lights are on all the time then the heat element in the relay is defective.


Re: Bravo Turn signal blinker

Thanks for the pic Zippy, What I really could use is a photo of the battery compartment of a Bravo, showing the wiring.

All I have is a the following:

A thick dark grey wire, Green wire, a white wire, a red wire (all of which are connected to a rectifier)

and a black wire.

That is all that is in the battery compartment, nothing else.

any other info would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Jim

Re: Bravo Turn signal blinker

Bump up to the top,

still trying to figure this out? Thanks Jim

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