Sparta Sport leaking???

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I have a 1978 Sparta Sport and have cleaned the carb and replaced the gas line, filter and put a new gasket on the carb. It still leaks gas, but I cannot find out where it is coming from..... The gas seems to be at the outter top of the carb...any ideas.....should I now replace the gascock?

Re: Sparta Sport leaking???

What brand of carb is used on that bike?

A carb's float bowl has to be vented to the atmosphere and this open vent hole will be somewhere in the upper part of the carb body. Although fuel could be coming from the vent, carbs usually have some other provision for overflow... When the float fuel level gets too high, extra fuel might be diverted and could exit anywhere..

It sounds like the carb's float needle valve is leaking. The valve should stop fuel from coming in once the proper level is reached. If it doesn't the carb will leak.

The gascock or petcock wouldn't be at fault.. a carb is not supposed to leak when the fuel supply is turned on.

Re: Sparta Sport leaking???

check to make sure that the carb float isnt full of fuel, if it is this will cause the fuel to leak out

Re: Sparta Sport leaking???

Check the bottom of the tank where the 2 frame pieces come together. Those Spartas are known to have a weak spot there, which causes a leak, being as the gas tank is 2 pieces of stamped steel.

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