muffler baffle ???

hey there

i had posted before about a loud exhaust and got some helpfull advice but still cant seem to get rid of the noise...

so i went on to the MRA and looked in the manual and noticed something i hadnt before, i noticed that there is a inner baffle that comes out and then the tail piece gos on top of that. i attatched a pic of what i have on my ped from MJY. the tail piece has a long tube attached to it and that tube goes into the pipe but there doesnt seem to be a removable baffle. my queastion is, am i supposed to have this baffle or do i not have the correct exhaust? from what i can tell it looks like if i had this baffle it would cut way down on the noise but i cant see how this would fit with the way the tail piece is set up?


Re: muffler baffle ???

there are 2 different kinds of exhaust pipes, they both look the same on the outside.

I have a baffle I could part with like the one in the picture (pipe attached to cap)

I also have the other type. (removable mounting bolt, 4 holes in interior baffle)

I also have the float you are looking for.

Do you have any of the stuff I need? If not I'll take $20+$5 shipping for those 2 pieces (specify which baffle you need)

use my email

Re: muffler baffle ???

ok so the exauhst set up i have is correct and i am not missing anything? i cant figure out whts up then, should there be 2 of the copped crush washers? could i us the set up not in the pic on the pipe that i have? i am trying to think of anything to fix my noise issue, its driving me kinda crazy.

i will definetly take the float though, i could use the spare

by the way is there supposed to be something inside the (pipe attached to cap) set up, i mean in the baffle?

i dont have anything you need but i will buy the stuff from you.

let me know if i can switch out the baffle set up with the other type or if my current is misssing some kind of filler. when you do, send me your adress and ill send you a money order for the float and which ever piece you say i need or could use


Re: muffler baffle ???

while i have your atention...

i need some new tire for my moby, what would suggest in terms of a brand to pick up. i would like some that look good and will last. can you put those slick tires on the mobys?

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