Please Help With My Puch Maxi

I have a 79 Puch Maxi and cant get it to run right. I installed a new cylinder kit (piston, Cylinder) and its not hi torque like my old one its the regular 1hp i think. Anyways i didnt rejet, but my ped starts up and idles great it just wont go anywhere once i give it gas. It doesnt die, just doesnt excellerate, and it bogs. I checked the plug and it was very black and oily, wet. Please help ive tried just about everything

Re: Please Help With My Puch Maxi

it almost sounds like the choke is staying closed.. this would restrict air and the carb would deliver a very rich air:fuel mix.. and the plug would be wet... and the bike will go nowhere fast..

"HERES": a Maxi owner's manual .. it talks about the choke being operated by pushing and pulling a black rod on the left engine cover .. Check the choke visually and directly to be sure it is working properly.

Re: Please Help With My Puch Maxi

Brian Mikami /

Put in a fresh,gapped plug when doing what joew mentioned. If the choke is working properly, take off the air filter and try...could be plugged up/dirty. Good luck.

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