Can't get JAWA 130 to run

I have a 1985 JAWA 130. New Spark Plug, rebuild carb, clean fuel line, all electrical working, and I can't get the engine to turn over. I get combustion when I pedal and sometimes I can get the engine to run for a second or two with full throttle, no choke on start. Everything appears to be in good condition. Help, anyone.

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

Spray some Starter Fluid into the engine .. either remove the plug and squirt some in the hole .. (then replace the plug) or spray a bit into the carb's air intake.

If the engine starts and runs strong for a couple seconds, it confirms that the carb is not delivering fuel for some reason. The reason could be any sort of blockage anywhere in the fuel pathway.. Perhaps its in the carb or somewhere upstream.

First see if there's any fuel in the carb's float bowl. If there is then clean the carb again. Blow out all passages and tiny jet-holes with compressed air.. make sure the carb is immaculate.

If no fuel in the bowl work your way back towards the fuel tank.. Trace fuel flow .. there should be a thick steady stream of gasoline into the carb.

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

It starts about the same with or without the the carb cleaner in the intake or spark plug area. It doesn't start that well at all when the choke is on fully. The carb float bowl gets fuel, in fact I left the petcock open and the carb started a slow drip out of the a small rectangular hole below the choke valve opening. My float is two brass floats that knock into a pin valve (instead of a rubber tip) so I'm not surprised that it tries to flood. I'm not sure how the bike was sitting, but when I got it, the cylinder that the throttle cable is connected to was stuck to the carb. (now freed)

I have cleaned the carb twice now and I'm starting believe that the problem is with the engine. Would the engine even run at all if there was an electrical problem? grrrrrrrrr

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

if it were an ignition problem the thing probably wouldnt run at all. The fact that it runs at low rpm while the plug is sopping wet with fuel would seem to indicate the ignition is very healthy and spark is strong.

the carb is leaking.. how badly is anyone's guess. This leak into the choke area provides a lot of extra fuel and certainly could cause the bike to bog ..

Starting requires a very rich mix..about 3:1 (choke is usually required).

Idle requires about 8:1.

But after that you gotta lean the mixture way out or the engine will bog.

i'm sure that someone who's familiar with your carb will jump in here and give you tips on how to straighten things out..

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

George Smith /

try turning your mixture screw all the way in...then come out 1/2 to 3/4 turn and try her if she runs ya have either a cloggy jet or a to high oil mixture these jawas are real sensitive to high oil mixtures....but ya can run it like that and see what happens

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

Now I'm having a hard time getting it to do anything. It doesn't even seem like it wants to combust anymore. I have checked the spark and it sparks great. The piston blows my finger off the spark plug hole when I rotate the fly wheel. I have sprayed carb cleaner into the engine and it just isn't starting up. My gas mixture is roughly 6 oz of 2-stroke oil to 2 gallons of gas. I'm truly at a loss.

Here are the things that raise alarms in my mind, but this is my first moped so I'm unsure if this is normal:

Everytime I try to start it black stuff drips from the muffler connection to the pipe leading to the enigne. (7-8 drops)

When I took the muffler off, a tablespoon of sludge came out of the pipe. (along with some chunky stuff)

The Air-intake runs through the frame of the bike so its pretty hard to control how much air goes to the carb via an air filter that looks like a really crappy little dish sponge.

Just a couple questions:

should I try revving the throttle when I'm pedaling to start it?

am I flooding the engine causing nastyness to find its way into the muffler?

will the engine seize up if I continue to attempt a start up?

*Does ANYONE own the same/similar JAWA manual?

God I'm starting to hate this bike :)

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

Examine the air intake path to make sure air can get in.

While testing remove the sponge-filter .. it could be dirty and blocking air.. or just completely disconnect the air intake box from the carb .. If no air gets into the carb the engine wont run.

Oil from the tail pipe is not normal.. since you've got lots of oil and stuff in the pipe the bike's probably been running rich or fuel has been leaking from the carb for a while ..

Or, the many failed attempts to start (along with a carb leak) has caused a collection of liquid fuel:oil in the crankcase and exhaust. Remove the spark plug and crank the engine for a while to purge any liquid from the crankcase.

Completely remove the muffler/exhaust and attempt to start. The muffler could be so clogged up with carbon and oil residues that it prevents the engine from running.

Nothing you're doing now is going to damage the engine ..

Re: Can't get JAWA 130 to run

Pix of the 130 seem identical to the 210, so maybe the info at would be of some use.


Also, out of curiosity, tape off 2/3 to 3/4 of the opening on the bottom of the air intake tube and see if it will start then. I did that to my 210 and it now runs, whereas before it would only idle with the choke full on, then crap out when I touched the throttle. It's not a permanent fix - just until I can have the crank seals checked, but it gets me around the block...


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