Vespa Ciao Rear Tire Removal

Hi. I need to remove the rear tire from a '78 Vespa Ciao.

I can't seem to figure where to start even... I look at it and just go huh?

Any help?

Re: Vespa Ciao Rear Tire Removal

I have a '74 Ciao, if they are the same, loosen and take off the brake cable, slack the chain and remove from the sprocket, remove the nut from the center of the belt pulley, loosen the two big bolts on either side - the wheel should then be loose. I had to remove the bolts on either side to loosen the fender too. Lift up the rear of the bike and the wheel should come out from below. A real pain, I've done it three times in the last month with a slow leak in the tube. Getting the pulley back on the shaft may be difficult. You may have to loosen the engine bolts to slack the belt to get it back on. Good luck.


Re: Vespa Ciao Rear Tire Removal

You can remove and repair / replace the tube without removing the wheel. there is a bracket on the chain side that holds the wheel to the rear of the frame. remove the two cap screws and rotate the bracket and their is enough room to remove the tube. of course you will need to pull the tire bead off the rim and pull the tube out. it is super quick to patch or replace the tube once you figure this out. I learned this trick from an old Italian mechanic back in the 70's when I had my Ciao.

Re: Vespa Ciao Rear Tire Removal

i had a hell of a time getting my back wheel off. i had to loosen the nut that holds the exhaust to the frame because the freewheel sprocket on the right side kept hitting it, not allowing the wheel to drop down. i don't know if i was doing something wrong or not...

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