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I have a towny that was running like a champ. Then it killed on me for the first time about two miles from my house and I started it again and drove it home. Upon inspection I noticed that the cable running from my junction box to my oil pump had failed. Pretty simple, I figured I had ran it lean and blew it up. So i pulled the head and the cylinder is smooth as a baby's behind. But yet it starts hard and runs like crap! I am really bummed out, wether the issue is major or minor I dont really care, I just want to get my ped on the road again! If you have any ideas please let me know so I can solve my problem or at leat remove an avenue from the equation. Thanks

Re: towny

if a bike is oil injected and you do not trust it run premix,

Especially with the smaller cables and crazy routing.

Be especially careful if there are lines going into the crank case because you cannot just run premix in a bike that has oil passages.

My batavus ate a flywheel on me a while back...

But ive pretty much banished it to the back of the garage while my V-1 motor comes in the mail for my next project......

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