Airsal help.

Hey just put on my airasal kit and it runs barely and it runs with the throttl wide open at maybe 5m iles an hour changed jet. Im thinking the piston is upside down maybe i put the holes facing up. Any suggestion.Tomos targa a-35 tecnigas pipe 58 jet tryed 60 same problem.

Re: Airsal help.

Don Pflueger /

sounds like you have the piston installed correctly. the ports in the piston need to face the intake. did you clean the gasket surfaces thoroughly? did you torque the head bolts to 10 ft/lbs? is your carb clean? is the intake tight? and are you sure you dont have a transmission problem?

Re: Airsal help.

Or, look to see if the exhaust is cloged. All that extra exhauist from the larger displacement has to go somewhere.

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