Honda C70 No lights

I have a Honda Passport 70 and it has no lights.No brake signals or headlights.Anyone know the problem?

Re: Honda C70 No lights

thats not a moped and there are forums devoted to the C70 -C90's....

but anyway, the C70 needs a (good) battery to run the accessories.. lights, starter motor etc ..

Since you give zero details i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that someone pulled the battery out and just grounded the + battery cable to the frame so the engine will run.

Re: Honda C70 No lights

Do not try and start the bike without a battery! You will blow all of your lights out....which iis probably what happened.

Go get a battery, then get out your wallet because those headlamps are not cheap. Check for parts.

Good Luck,


Re: Honda C70 No lights

Yea- dratv has a replaceable headlamp you can install. It takes $3 bulbs you replace instead of buying a new one everytime time.

Anytime your battery runs low on a C70 passport, you're headlight will blow. It's a problem.

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