Sebring WONT START getting mad...

Once again I am asking for more help. First my sebring wouldnt crank at all. Took apart engine... Been sitting for a long time and crank and piston were seized up. Worked it with WD40 for a while and now it moves very freely and good. Buttoned it up and now it cranks. Cleaned carb and spark plug. Wont start. Put new gas in . Wont start. The closest I get this thing running is when it pops and almost starts with sorta a backfire. The spark plug is wet and blackish when I take it out and I clean it. It sparks out side of the head. I have to literally run with it to make it pop and sputter. I dont know what else could be wrong. Brushes are good. I think it is fuel related but not sure where to start. Another guy said something about it sparking outside of the head but not inside... Any help or I will be forced to get rid of it... Really looking forward to riding it but I have spent so many hot hours with no avail. I am a chevy mechanic and know NOTHING about mopeds. Its got the morini engine. 1980 sebring. Someone tell me something to get this beast started. Thanks, Jim

Re: Sebring WONT START getting mad...

you can test ignition for spark by removing the plug (Use a plug KNOWN to be good.. not fouled), reattaching the boot to the plug and ground the plug's base to the engine's fins.. crank it over and observe a blue spark at the eledctrodes.

It does sound like your carb has problems.. Try starting with some Starter Fluid .. If it runs for a few seconds fuel delibvery is messed up.

If you get a good spark, i don't know why the plug would come out wet unless its an accumulation of fuel from repeated failures to start.. or an intermittantly fouled plug ..

if you got a clean plug and spark, and fuel and some compression the thing should run.

If the carb's float level is very high or it's leaking .. or you've got a major vacuum leak or head bolts are loose.. well.. you just gotta check all this stuff out.. First make sure you get a strong consistant spark and go on from there.

I've done some small block chevy work .. moped are a different animal... gotta forget everything except the basics like cleanliness, tightness, flatness.. and use a systematic approach to diagnosis..

Re: Sebring WONT START getting mad...

since mopeds are new to you... take a look at Freds GUIDE

its got tips on things to check..

something like a clogged exhaust / muffler could cause your symptoms.. the natural carbon build up in two strokes demands that carbon deposits be cleaned out once in a while.. (i guess you know that 2-strokes require oil mixed in with the fuel?)

Go through the archives (Search link) and go through the "Resources" at the top of this page for more stuff..

Grab the Morini service manual HERE ..there might be other manulas on that page which could help too..

Re: Sebring WONT START getting mad...

Robert Susinski /

How about points and condensor...caused most of my sebring problems and i had the same problems you describe.

Re: Sebring WONT START getting mad...

Don Pflueger /

i would do a compression test to see if it has 120 lbs or higher compression which is needed to run correctly. sounds to me like you have an ignition problem, a plugged exhaust, or a major air leak. here's what i would do first;

spray carb cleaner into the carb throat and try to start it. if it fires up, you have a fuel problem. if it does nothing, you have either a compression, or ignition problem. so pull the plug and test for spark. while the plug is out test compression. if you have spark, then its likely a compression problem. if you dont have spark, clean and regap your points. if compression is over 120, clean the exhaust port and exhaust. if it is lower than 120, determine where it is going. since the crank was siezed, you may need to check crank seals. if the engine sat so long that it siezed up the crank and rod, the crankseals may have dry rotted and are now leaking. or if the crank had rust on it, it may have tore up a seal.

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look at the carb again, check the needle valve. if the point has a lot of crap on it the gas will gravity feed thru the carb and cause a flooding condition. remove the bowl, and the float look up pull the needle valve out and look at the tip, spray carb cleaner up the main jet, and the needle valve seat area, try a q-tip in the hole

Re: Sebring WONT START getting mad...

This sort of pop & sputter stuff sounds like a fouled plug, and/or dirty points. Also, check the plug cap - should be 1K to 5K ohms. While the cap is off, cut 1/4" from the end of the plug wire, so you can see some clean copper, then screw the cap back in.

Hope this helps!




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