Tomos Tranny Fluid

Forgive me if this has been asked before...but I was wondering if someone could tell me what type of fluid I should use in my Tomos Targa transmission (A35 engine type), and what volume? I changed it once before when I first bought the bike (used), and I remember using a type of brake fluid (my dealer had recommended it). However I can't recall what type of brake fluid or how much to add. Can anyone help?


Re: Tomos Tranny Fluid

Don Pflueger /

dont use brake fluid. the cork clutches will become spongy then disintegrate. you need type a suffix a or type f transmission fluid. just fill it until it drips out of the level hole with the level screw removed.

Re: Tomos Tranny Fluid

John Joedicke /

Just use any mercon 3 either synthetic or reg. About 300ml or until it flows out the side level hole. Big debate but they both will work, type f also for the cheapy stuff.

Re: Tomos Tranny Fluid

Type F.

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