TFR 2003 Choke usage?

How do you guys use the choke on a TFR 2003?

After a closer inspection I found that you have to pull it out to enable it (for a while I thought it was back and forth). Now the dumb part is it doesn't stay out if you pull on it and the damn thing is right by the pedals so unless you warp into this weird hernia inducing position there is no way you can hold that choke with one hand and still able to pedal start?

What say you all! <g>

Re: TFR 2003 Choke usage?

Mine stays out until I hit the throttle, then it pops back in. You are not supposed to use it while moving. You should wait to increase the throttle and go only when it is running smoothly. I found that in warm weather the choke is not needed.

Re: TFR 2003 Choke usage?

it should stay out until you hit the throttle. after several rides a day, you only need to use your choke occasionally.

Re: TFR 2003 Choke usage?

I don't use it at all, no need for it. My bike starts up in one or two kicks every time. :)

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