Garret Rohwedder /

i just bought a new dellorto carb and there was a little sediment in the gas tank so i put a fuel filter in it and i am wondering if the feul filter iam running might be consrticting the gas flow and cuseing it no to idle. i have all ready cleaned it andthere is not mixture screw other thatn the idle and i have messed with it a bunch and it still wont idle. should i try taking off the filter or is it somethin else. i just got the fuel filter at a lawn mower store and i am wondering if it the right type to run on a moped


make, model and year of the bike? Is the carb brand new out-of-the-box or only 'new' to you?

Did the bike ever idle with this carb? How about with the old carb?

Run without the filter and see if it idles.. if it still doesn't idle, the filter has nothing to do with this problem. Maybe some sediment has already gotten into the carb and clogged the idle system.

I'm not a big fan of additional filters.. they are just something else that can get clogged up or spring a leak.. the guys who built these bikes put enough filters and screens on them .. as long as the fuel system is kept clean the bike should run fine.


Brian Mikami /

Like joew sez, run it without the filter and see. It helps to have a clear gas line too. Hope you tried to rinse the tank out first. I had sandblasting crap in mine, blew out a ton with air, then did a strong water rinse, more air and a hot blow dryer. I ran an external filter just to be safe, make sure your petcock screens are clear too, thats a fine mesh easy to get clogged if you have junk in the tank. Most fuel filters flow only one way too...make sure it's correct. Good luck.

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