Metal noise?

Hey have a tomos targa 1997 with an airasal kit tecnigas pipe and i blew it up. Well when i blew it up it scorched the side of the piston and brkoe alittle peiace of the head. Ok so i sanded the piston and the little broken part on the bottom of the cylinder. Ok got new engine and what not put that on there when i get to top speed A metal noise starts and when it gets real loud it feels like the piston is slapping or whatever but whatever it is when it maxmizes it slows the moped like im grabbing the brake.

Re: Metal noise?

It sounds to me like you need to either go back to the stock cylinder and piston or get a new cylinder and or piston expecialy if the cylinder and piston have any damage. What was the cause of the death of the last motor?


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Re: Metal noise?

Don Pflueger /

ok. that made no sense at all. sounds like you need a new top end. or something.

Re: Metal noise?

Dan Ackroyd /

Well basically the moped blew up got a new one( reason was the crankshaft baren heated up and a metal peiace scorched the side of the speed kit. Ok New motor has 1,200 miles on it. I dont hink its the trans. I think its the cylinder kit because we sanded it down.

Re: Metal noise?

yah, your top end (cylinder and piston) sounds like its totally screwed. Most likely no salvaging it. Too bad those kits are so expensive huh? go back to stock, or buy a new one.

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