engine quits running

Engine starts and runs good for about 2 blocks then coughs,spits and dies and wont start until it cools off. I have checked the plug and it still is firing, but it appears that it is not getting gas. Any ideas?

Re: engine quits running

i gotta agree that it's probably running out of gas.. the 'cooling off' period might just allow a slow trickle of fuel to refill the float bowl.

Do whatever you need do and make it stall.. Then turn off the petcock and remove the float bowl. If there's very little fuel in the bowl it would confirm that it's running out of gas.

Pull the fuel line off the carb and drain some gasoline into a container.. flow should be thick and steady .. if not, clean whatever screens or filters are upstream.

Maybe flow from that fuel line is ok. Maybe there's a filter on the carb or a piece of junk got into the carb and is blocking the needle jet inlet..

a clogged gas-cap vent can also prevent flow.

Re: engine quits running

there is gas in the carb. i ve also took the gas cap off. for some reason its not getting gas. as soon as its get hot like a a block or two it back fires a couple times and dies. wont start until it cools off, then it well take right off and run.

Re: engine quits running

are you saying it takes off and runs normally (good power.. good acceleration) for another block or two..and then dies again? .. and dies again after two more blocks? This doesn't sound like it's heat related.. sounds like it's running out of fuel in a very regular manner.

But maybe you have other reasons for suspecting this is heat related .. maybe something weird happened right when this trouble started?

And you checked the float bowl after it died and the bowl was full of fuel.. hmm.. wtf..

Check your float bowl's vent for blockage.. for that matter, make sure the whole carb is clean and that the cables are adjusted and operating normally..

I can think of another possibility.. it's is kinda rare but does happen.. Sometimes the carb's choke will vibrate closed and kill the engine. I had a bike with a Bing carb.. it's vertical choke plate was loose. The plate often slipped down and the engine died. On restart, twisting the throttle re-opened the choke .. so it took me a while to find this problem.

Re: engine quits running

starts and runs fine for about 2 blocks. then it backfires two or three times and dies. Will not start until it has cooled off. I have took the plug out and put a little gas in the plug and head , put the plug back in and it well fire , but doesnt get anymore gas to keep running. when it cools down it well start again and run about 2 blocks and backfires and dies.

Re: engine quits running

Check your float level in the carb. You may not getting fuel into the bowl

Re: engine quits running

Carry a can of carb cleaner with you. When it quits spray a little in the carb and see if it starts. If it starts then the problem is probably fuel. If it does not start I would suspect the coil is getting hot and opening up.

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