How to remove the piston from a tomos targa. I need help. Can someone give me very specific directions.

Thank you.

Re: Piston

Remove the cylinder ontop of the engine, there is 4 bolts, take it off, and that will reviel the piston.. then there are U clips on the side, gently take them out with a needle nose.

DONT LOSE ANYTHING! Make sure you put stuff in a coffee can or somethin, it sucks to lose shit.

Re: Piston

HE's going to have to remove the exhaust first to get the cylinder off...

Re: Piston

First clean the motor and everything around it, then you will have to remove the chain, the exhaust and carb, then the two forward most motor bolts and pivot the motor down, now remove the 4 bolts holding the head and cylinder on. Remove the head and cylinder. Now stuff a clean shop rag in the motors opening to prevent debris and the circlips from entering the crankcase. Remove the criclips, remove the piston pin and the piston will be free. Remember when putting the motor back together to make sure everything is 100% clean and oil the piston pin,piston pin bearing,piston, Piston rings and cylinder walls with two- stroke oil. Now reverse the disassembly process. It may sound like a lot, but actually it is quite simple.


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