1000 Mile Transmission Service.

I drained my 04' Lx's transmission the other day for the first time since it's 300 mile tuneup. I used Ford Type F Automatic Transmission fluid, considering that's what my dealer uses. When I drained the fluid it almost looked milky. It had a slight haze and a white-ish discoloration. However, it did NOT smell like Gas and it did NOT smell burnt. It smelled like the new stuff, only less "sweet".

Is this normal? I've been driving the bike every day since I got it 3 months ago. Never had a problem. It shifts as well as it did before the tranny drain as it does now. So there is no real problem. I was just wondering if the oil normally gets THAT cloudy?

Go nuts.


Re: 1000 Mile Transmission Service.


Re: 1000 Mile Transmission Service.

Its normal. 2-stroke motors really discolor oil fast.

Re: 1000 Mile Transmission Service.

Phew, thanks a lot Cory!

Re: 1000 Mile Transmission Service.

John Joedicke /

It might be dirty and degraded darker but shouldn't be milky unless you have gotten water into the case somehow. Drain and fill again after a few hundred clicks just to check and be safe. Water+ rust=screwed up lower end.

Re: 1000 Mile Transmission Service.

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

I agree with Double. Water + oil = milky color. Jim.

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