Great resource for new tires, tubes


After scouring the internet for a place to get new tires and tubes for my Puch Maxi I found Cycle Shop USA.

They have the cheapest prices I've found and real cheap shipping.

I thought it would be difficult finding tires because of the outdated size (17x2.00), but they had them in stock for $10.95 ea. for Cheng Shin C109, and the Bikemaster tubes were just $4.45 ea. Shipping was a flat $7.99. If my order was over $100.00 the shipping would have been free.

BTW, Tax = $0.00

I don't work for Cycle shop USA, just wanted to spread the word. Every other place I tried was like $27.00 per tire, and $12.00 per tube. I bought 2 tires and 4 tubes from Cycle Shop and my total was $47.67. If I got them somewhere else it would have been closer to $100.00 + shipping, and maybe tax.

Hope it helps someone.

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