Carb and Tires - 77 Puch Maxi

Hi everyone.

I’m completely new here, so please bear with me.

I have a 77 Puch Maxi which I got super cheap and want to fix up. I had a moped years ago and remember how fun they were.

1. I’m getting fuel into the carb’s fuel bowl (See image)(#19), but not into the engine. I did have the engine running the other morning (and it was running great) after I cleaned out some hardened, syrupy gunk from part (#1), but that evening I could not get it started. I checked part #1 again for blockage, but there was none. Spark is very strong, air filter is not plugged up. Put a new inline gas filter on, and still no go. I think the float is rubbing up against the inside of the bowl (#19), but can’t be sure. Any thoughts??

2. Where can I get tires and tubes cheap? I need 17


Re: Carb and Tires - 77 Puch Maxi

since it ran ok before you.. errr.. 'cleaned' the carb, i would guess something's now clogging fuel. Part #1 is the main jet .. any tiny piece of junk floating around in the bowl could block that jet.

After a thorough cleaning, use strong compressed air to blow out all internal carb passages. While cleaning the fuel system, stuff often gets loosen up but not entirely removed. This is especially true of a bike that's be laying around for a long time.The carb has to be immaculate.

Try spraying a bit of Starter Fluid into the engine and start it up. If it runs this would confirm that fuel is, for some reason, being restricted. If it won't start with Starter Fluid, suspect an ignition problem.. most likely mis-connected wiring trouble or a kill switch or ignition is set to "Off" or something simple like that.

Go HERE and grab the Puch manuals.. Although you may not find the exact manual you need, manufacturers tend to build all their bike the same way.

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