Oil out exhaust

Help!!! Bike won't run. Tried taking exhaust of to try to start and what looks like motor oil after a couple of kicks comes out the port. This can't be right, can it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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you got some kind of bike that won't run? is that the only clue we get?

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We were told it was a Manhatten. My question wasn't about gettting it started which I would like to do but the oil out the exhaust port. I find it hard to believe this is normal. After a couple of kicks there was at least an ounce of oil. Reading some other questions it was suggested about taking the exhaust off. The wiring looked ok.

Thanks for any help

Re: Oil out exhaust

A lot of liquid/oil spewing out the exhaust port probably means the carb is or was leaking internally.. this leaking fuel/oil drains into the intake manifold and into the engine and ends up in a puddle down in the bottom of the crankcase. Some crankcases have a little drain plug on the bottom for this reason. (we're not talking about the gear box.. that's completely separate )

When you kick the engine over this liquid is thrown up past the piston and into the cylinder and then out the exhaust port. Try removing the spark plug, ignition off, and then give it about 20 kicks to clear the crankcase of any liquid..

The only thing that should go into the engine is a fine mist of fuel and air mixture. If the problem persists, check the carb's float needle valve .. it may not be shutting off the flow of fuel.

Re: Oil out exhaust

i may be having the same problem, is this bad? what could it do to your bike if this is happening?

Re: Oil out exhaust

John Joedicke /

Joew is right on with the drain down theory. Had a Yamaha scoot do the same thing. Was the float needle valve not shutting down with pet cock open. Make sure you shut off the petcock when not using the ped and then you could probably live with it until you get the part(s) you may need.

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