Oil leak

My new moped is leaking oil all of the sudden. I never saw any leaks before I bought it, and I even test drove it quite a bit. I have ridden it about 5 miles since I got it, and yesterday after I started it up and left it run for a few minutes, I shut it off. I noticed a small amount of oil on the ground below it, and when I looked underneath, it was dripping out. It's dripping out where the exhaust meets up, but the exhaust was sealed with permatex before I bought it. The leak is on the bottom, where the bottom end meets up with the (transmission I'm guessing.) It only leaks while it's running, and it's not a whole lot, but I'm concerned. Could it be a failed gasket or something along those lines?? It still runs really great, but requires a bit of choking before it will start up, and once it is warm, it has no problems. Can anyone help?? FYI...it's a 1987 Trac Olympic. Thanks all.

Re: Oil leak

John Joedicke /

What oil ratio are you using? It might just be excessive oil that is not getting burned off in the conbustion process. What ped is it? If it was tranny oil it would either leak from a motor gasget or seal or the drain bolt. Need more info.

Re: Oil leak

Brian Mikami /

The oil leak on my Puch was from the exhaust. It was black 'oil'...probably burnt gas/oil mix. I snugged up the nuts, but stripped the stud. Put in a fresh thicker gasket, new studs and nuts...all good. Look closely and see exactly where the oil drips from, if it's from the exhaust nuts/studs, it may just need to be tightened...wipe ALL the oil off, make a run and recheck... be careful though. Good luck.

Re: Oil leak

Sorry all. I haven't been online much lately. It's a 1987 Trac Olympic, and it's got an oil tank, so it mixes on its own. I haven't had it very long. I'm having the guy who sold it to me take a look at it tonight. I hope it's nothing major. Also, another problem it's having is that when I first start it up, I really have to choke it, and sometimes it wants to bog out and dies. It seems to lose some power as well when it's doing this. I think it's just a dirty jet or carb.

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