can rain hurt my moped?

hi ,

this is the story , my moped bogs down at high speeds and although i have no battery in my qt50 and my wires are all screwed up my oil light went on Wednesday . so i put more oil in(2 cycle tc-w3 oil ) . the next day Thursday, my ped rode great. but the day after the ped riding great , i got caught in a heavy rain on Friday . i didnt ride on Saturday . when i did ride it Sunday , that bog down problem was back so i checked the oil ,it was full so i put more gas (since some times low gas makes my bike not work as well) that didnt do it , any suggestions?

thanks j

Re: can rain hurt my moped?

if it had problems before it rained, the rain wouldn't have anything to do with the trouble..

bogging at high speed could be caused by lots of things.. ignition problems due to screwed up wiring.. fuel delivery or carburation are always strong suspects. Fuel or air or vacuum leaks .. a loose nut or bolt or wiring connection.

Since the trouble appears and then disappears it's probably something very simple that a close inspection, cleaning and tuneup would cure. Take a day off and get everything straightened out.

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