Tomos lights all burned out!??

I started my Tomos Sprint 2003 for the first time today after 3 weeks of not being able to ride due to an injury to my left hand during the races in BeavRun, PN.

It started and I saw the blue high-beam indicator light on.

Then I went about 10 feet and noticed the indicator light was now off.

I looked at the headlight and rear light and noticed all of my lights were dead!

I took apart the rear lights and the front lights and indicator lights; all of them have been blown!

On the left side of my moped there is a "generator" or "regulator" that has three male connectors sticking out with female connectors connected. I notice these connectors have been bent downward and the green semi-translucent plastic that these connectors come out of is cracked. Did this cause a short or something?

What should I do?

What do I need to replace?

Is there a way to wire up only the rear light/break light and front light?

Will I have to wire in some resistors in place of the missing lights?

I don't want to have to buy 5 lights! I don't even have a speedometer and I don't like the hight beam indicator light.



I hope you all get to ride and enjoy the 4th of July.

Re: Tomos lights all burned out!??

Don Pflueger /

that would be your regulator if it has yellow wires attached to it. if it is cracked, then yes its likely that it is bad. check to see if you have power from the yellow wire coming out of the magneto and going to that regulator.

Re: Tomos lights all burned out!??

I just ran into the same problem what was your solution?

Re: Tomos lights all burned out!??

Alessandro P Wrote:


> I just ran into the same problem what was your

> solution?

This thread is over ten years old. You'll be better off making a new one. It's probably your voltage regulator.

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