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I just salvaged a 1976 Puch Maxi from the dumpster. Decent shape.

It came with no starter cable. I installed a new starter cable, and cleaned the carb etc.

I am able to spin the motor with the spark plug out using the starter, but once I put the plug in, there doesent seem to be enough "clutch" to grab the flywheel. I am sure the cable is adjusted correctly. What could this be? Is there a starter clutch that needs replacing?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Didi you check the transmission fluid? It may be full of water which isn't as slippery as Type F ATF, that is what you need in there, drain whatever it is, refill if and try again.

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I replaced the oil with 85 wt gear oil. I read that this will work.

I think the engine is a bit stiff from sitting so long. I am going to dive in and try and get some penetrating oil on the crank.

I noticed that even without the starter engaged, there is a fair amount of resistance on the drive sprocket.

How do I check to see if the starter clutch needs replacing?



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See Ya Moped Army /

NEVER use 85 wt gear oil in a moped tranny. It takes ATF Type F.

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OOps. I read that you could use that weight oil on the Moped Junkyard page. It has specs for Puch.

Luckilly the bike hasnt run, so I presume I didnt do any damage. I'll drain and refill with ATF Type F fluid.

Not only does the bike have trouble with the starter, but I am getting no juice out of the magneto.

I hooked up a mutimeter, and put one lead(neg) to the head, and tested voltages to the bus bar. No voltage is registering at any of the terminals when I turn it over.

Where should I check next?

I have no way of getting the flywheel off ( I can get the nut off with an impact driver, but I dont have a gear puller.

This bike is in decent shape, and definitely worth salvaging.

Any help.

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Step one is to go HERE and grab all the Puch manuals ..

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check to make sure the decompression valve is not stuck shut. if it doesn*t open it will be real hard to pedal and so

hard to strart. adjust that decomp. cable too

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With only one exception, the Puch engines do not have compression release valves. I think the exception is the Bombardier Puchs.

The 85W gear oil is way too thick, and has the wrong additives for a moped clutch. If I had made this error, I'd drain the gear oil, and maybe flush the transmission with some solvent (like tri-chlor), before refilling with the correct ATF type F.

Hopefully the gear oil did not ruin the clutch(es). Wonder why mopedjunkyard posted that info; everything else I have ever read calls for type F.

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