shortcircuit 81 Honda to work w/o ignition switch?

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I found an 1981 Honda Express NC50 in someones trash not to long ago and have been attempting to restore it. One of the parts it is missing is the ignition switch. I'd rather not buy a new ignition switch, so I was thinking that I could just shortcircuit the wires so the circuit is always closed and would allow the engine to start. Would this work? If it would, which wires would I connect? Here's a link to the wiring diagram: (go to 27-1).

Thanks for any help.

Re: shortcircuit 81 Honda to work w/o ignition swi

study the wiring diagram .. it's got the wire color code, and the ignition switch arrangment.

Arrangment boxes show a connection with the "O----O" meaning that certain wires are connected.

Empty boxes means those wires are disconnected.


The Ignition switch circuit (in the headlight housing) has 4 wire connections.

Ig ..... Black/White (stripe)

E ...... Green

P ...... Black

Bat ...... Red

The ignition switch arrangement box shows:

Ignition = ON: "P" and "Batt" are connected AND "Ig" and "E" are disconnected.

Ignition = OFF: "P" and "Batt" are disconnected AND "Ig" and "E" are connected.

Trace the wires to make sure you've got the right ones.. this aint gonna be the last time you look at this diagram so become familiar with how it's drawn up and how to read it.

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