need point settings

yeah my g ramps just opened up his shed the other day and we brought up to our house two twenty year old mopeds the sachs runs great but we ran into a dilemma. we got it running by the basic fixer upper and then we ran it around a little bit and it was running great and then one of the pistons froze up and we fixed that and now we cant get it running again we thin we need to know the point settings for the moped if anyone knows them please either send me and email or reply

thanks a-lot

Re: need point settings

Usualy it is a good idea to include the following in your post Year,Make,Model and Motor type.



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Re: need point settings

yeah sorry about that it is a 1977 sachs balboa

Re: need point settings

Don Pflueger /

if it froze up, the piston and cylinder are probably scored and now it does not have enough compression to run. did you premix your gas with oil?

Re: need point settings

Leon Swarmer /

William, you will want to buy or find a manul but it is prollly somewhere in teh .014-.016" area.

And BTW you only have one piston.

answer DonP's question before you do anything else...


Re: need point settings

yes i did premix the oil and the gas

Re: need point settings

i did premix them but my bro. did not mix them fully which we no is why the piston froze up

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