Kinetic help!!!

I am working on a 1998 Kinetic. It has terrible pickup compared to my Puch and any other peds I have ridden. Also, it doesn't run unless I hold the choke. I have put a piece of electrical tape on the air intake and it runs better but I am afraid it will fry the plug. It only has 1100 miles on it. Here is what I have done so far: Carb clean three times, exhaust port clean, air filter clean, new plug, cleaned petcock and filter. It sounds like this is a common problem with this model as I have read other posts??

Re: Kinetic help!!!

I know you said that you cleaned the carb three times, but are you really sure that the main jet and atomizer are totally un-blocked?

If the carb isn't the issue, then you've got air coming in somewhere that it shouldn't. Bad gaskets on the manifold, a crack, or even something like the crank seals.

Re: Kinetic help!!!

Clean the carb one more time and clean the "Idle jet" this time. It is hard to find. You have to remove the plastic insert from the carb to access the Idle jet.

See attached pic of the Idle jet location

Then take the tape off the air cleaner


Re: Kinetic help!!!

Is it a TFR?

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