Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

I picked up a 1977 AMF Roadmaster with a Minarelli V1 motor for $20.00.

This bike runs great but is burning case oil so I need to replace the seals on the clutch side.

A Job I'm well capable of doing.

Problem being I can't find the seals any where.

I ordered a Gasket set that was listed as gasket and seals but it didn't come with the oil seals

Does any one know where I can purchase the seals?

Thanks Mike, Haverhill, MA

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

This would be good to know as I am in the process of taking my V1 apart for leaky seal replacement.

I figured to take the ones out of the engine to a bearing supply house and have them match them.

What are you using for the two special pullers?

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

If you are inquiring about removal of the clutch then I found the nut to be removed easily by an impact gun.

If you don’t have an impact gun then a set of multi spanner wrenches works ( I use a Craftsman set).

as for the clutch puller I used a standard steering wheel puller set ( I used a Napa set that come with an assortment of metric and standard bolts).

The down side is I need to split the case.

The seals are on the inside.

Thanks Mike

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

My seals cost about 60ish, I put CR seals in it. Just remove the seal and take to match it up. opeing the case is easy. You could of ball peen them out easy to do. look the performance section about v1's if you want to do tricks to the motor. good luck.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

Still looking for a set of seals.

Would like to have a set ready before i pull it apart.

Even if some one could give me a manufactures name and part numbers to the seals they used. This would be help full as well.

I have a bad track record if taking some thing apart and not finding the part so quickly and giving up.

Would hate to see this bike sit any longer.

It runs even better then my 76 Puch Maxi.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

A seal's mfg'r and stock number is very likely stamped on the seal itself, just as bearings have numbers. Cross referencing charts allow the same bearing to be bought from a variety of bearing manufacturers.

Bike manufacturers dont make their own seals.. they buy them just like they buy bearings.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?


I just took my V1 apart.

The numbers on the oil seal are as follows:




After measuring them with my calipers and then multiplying by 25.4 the 17-35-8 number appears to be the correct dimensions; 17mm id, 35mm od, and 8mm thick (wide)

You should be able to find these at any bearing supply house.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

I got my engine totally apart. Although I guess with some thought and work it would be able to remove the oil seals without splitting the cases you would probably conaminate the main bearings doing so.

There is another oil seal on the final output shaft behind the drive sprocket. The numbers on it are:


There are two seals on ther pedal shaft, both are the same size. Numbers on the seals are the same and the parts list calls them out as the same pn, 4790.

If you find all these seals, please give me the US common seal numbers.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

Thanks so much for the info!

I've been so busy selling my Puch that I haven't had time to get the seals cross referenced I'll get that done over the next few days.

Now that my Puch has sold I now have the money for the 86cc kit for the V1 motor!

I mean it's going to be apart any ways so might as well go all out!

Thanks Mike

Haverhill, MA

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

If you change the seals and bearings by splitting the crankcase you will have to buy the gaskets.

Do you have a source for them?

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?


Has a gasket kit for $21.95

My brother in law says their not too reliable in their parts. (you don't always get what you ordered)

I'll keep searching I believe I found them cheaper I just need to find that site.

Re: Oil Seals For a Minarelli V1?

mike, just wanted to say i have ordered from there twice both with great results.

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