Batavus wheel bearing!


my moped internal rear-wheel ball bearing just crushed and brought with itself my rear drum brake.

So, do you know where can I get a ball bearing and the new rear brakes? Websites, junkyards, whatever.


Re: Batavus wheel bearing!


I blew out the rear bearings on my Puch Newport... If you have one of the old ones still intact go to Cambridge Bicycle on Mass Ave near MIT.. they have different size ball bearings and maybe you could repack them and reassemble the hub... unless it is toast lol..

They only cost like 2 cents each and you only need a couple dozen or so..

I'm right on Beacon St in Back Bay and I have the White lithium grease and other stuff you need to do the job...

hit me up with an email!


Re: Batavus wheel bearing!

I managed to find all the balls, but the problem is that the batavus has some kind of washer that holds the balls in the insidermost pat of the hub, plus another one to hold them on the top, where the cone screws and closes the balls, I do not know if I am clear enough. Well, both washer and cover are in crumbs (literally) and I cannot find the replacements anywhere. Any idea? Thanks


Re: Batavus wheel bearing!

Re: Batavus wheel bearing!

Man, just one word,THANKS!

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