Small gas leak- 80 Maxi

Hello out there... wondering if any of you have experience with a gas leak on the 80 Maxi. I just started rebuilding and restoring and when I came out to it the other day I could see a little dampness underneath the gas tank on the ground. I've ascertained that the problem is right at where the fuel valve meets the body of the bike, as I see it dripping down the body and then onto the motor. I'm wondering if I need to replace the whole fuel valve, tighten it somehow, or what? I don't really even know how to take it out to see if it is making a good seal there at the body. I do know that the valve seems very easy to move and so...

I'll try and see if I can get a pic up to show exactly where I am talking about. Thanks for your help!

Re: Small gas leak- 80 Maxi

First, you need to pinpoint the leak. If it's coming from the petcock itself, or from the connection to the tank, then a new petcock or gasket should make it fine.

If it's actually leaking out the side of the tank, then you have a couple of options.

- You could find the leak, strip the paint from the area (about a 1" circle), dimple it in slightly with a ballpein hammer, and patch it with JB-Weld. Scratch the area up very well with some coarse sandpaper, and/or the point of a sharp awl. This gives the JB something good to cling to.

- Or, you could go the 'Kreem' route, which is a product that uses a three-part process to clean, dry, then internally seal the tank with a hard ceramic-like coating.

Unless the tank is ready for the scrap pile, I would not suggest the Kreem process. For a first-time user, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.. especially if the tank is built into the frame of the bike. I assume yours is. The only 'right' way to Kreem that type of tank is to break the ped down to the bare frame, so you can rotate and position it to properly distribute the Kreem coating material.

Hope this helps.

Re: Small gas leak- 80 Maxi

That is a big help. I'm pretty sure the leak is just from the connection to the tank, as I can see a small leak underneath where the petcock connects to the tank. So you think a new petcock will make a better seal and solve this problem?

Thanks again.

Re: Small gas leak- 80 Maxi

A new petcock will come with a new sealing washer, so yes, that should fix it. You could also pull the old washer out of yours, and try to find a replacement.

Sounds easier than it is, since it is a metric size, and needs to be gas-resistant. You might be able to fake it with an o-ring, though. Worth a try for a few cents at the hardware store.

Re: Small gas leak- 80 Maxi

Took off the petcock and low and behold there wasn't even a sealing washer! So there's my problem. Thanks for your help.

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