Did I just screw up my puch?


I avoided an accident yesterday by ging up on a sidewalk, but doing this smashed my pipe and cylinder head on the curb.

the pipe was flattened, however I continued to drive it at about 10 mph (as fast as it could go) how (about 4 miles)

ahen I got close to ome I noticed that there was smoke/air puffing out from the sparkplug area.

This morning I took off the pipe, I ran then died. I pedeled back home, changed the plug, tried again, presto it worked!

Can I expect it to die on me again, did i cause any damage by driving it under heavy compression (flat pipe)

ALSO, any thoughts on re opening the pipe???


Re: Did I just screw up my puch?

The only way to know for sure if you did any damage,or how much,would be to tear the engine down and inspect it.I don't see how anything could have come out from around the spark plug,unless it was loose,or broken.Also check the head for cracks,since you said you banged it on the curb.Sometimes a crack will be almost impossible to find,until the engine warms up,and the metal expands.As for the pipe,if the dent is in a fairly straight section with an open end,you might be able to get an expander in it,if its in a curved section,you're probably out of luck.You probably wanted a new pipe anyway,right?The other option is to cut out the bent section,and weld in another section.I saw a pipe a guy made for his quad,he welded it together out of about 50 pieces of metal.Talk about a tedious job.If it had been me this happened to,I would have pushed it home rather than risk further damage.I had to push a motorcycle over 10 miles once.Boy was I ever tired.

Re: Did I just screw up my puch?

George Smith /

heh i pushed a yamaha xs650 1/2 mile and it was a pain in the ass.....but when i got home i realised the rear brake was jammed half on....it was easier to push after that :/

Re: Did I just screw up my puch?

I used to own a 1983 XS650SK Heritage Special.

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