It don't makes fire

HONDA PA50 II DON'T START...need help /

A neighbor give me 2 Honda Pa50 II 1981 and with those 2 I make one. When I had Finally finish all the work, I try it (I put some gas in the cylinder) and it make some effort. Then I decide to take out the motor to clean my carburator and i disconnect the wire and now i re plug them correctly and i had no more fire. I de to replace my coil and that don't work and now I just change my point and it's not working.

can somebody help me because I put a lot of hour on this project and I only had 15 years old, I don't have a lot of experience

thank a lot

Re: It don't makes fire

Make sure that the off/run/off-engine start switch on the right handlebar is in the engine run possition and that the ignition switch is turned on.

Spray some carb cleaner in the rubber tubes under the left side plastic engine cover and then kick over. If it fires and then dies the problem is probably a plugged up carb jet.

Good Luck

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