Honda Express carb mod

I gave up tweeking and trying to find a float and valve for a Honda Express and finally installed a carb from a motorized bike kit. It worked!

Has anyone else done this on a 50cc Honda Ped like an Express? If so, what carb version or jetting do you use on it? 48cc/60cc/70cc/80cc?

Re: Honda Express carb mod

i have been tinkering with the carbrurator screws and i dont knwo where to set them at..... you said you put a different carburator on it? welll what is that about i am just wondering what i should put my screw settings at???

Re: Honda Express carb mod

Jonas Quimby /

Kinda the wrong place to ask that.

Do a search in the repair section of the forum for eather express carb or garage sale express. I wrote the garage sale express repair guide, and many have explained the proper method for adjusting the Express carb since then.

Re: Honda Express carb mod

do you know naything about the automatic choke that is on a 1981 exoress........ let me know.. or if oyu can get me some pictures of the shop manual...

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