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Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the McCulloch motor (mounted over rear wheel) used on the AMF Allpro Motor bike. I have 2 of these and they have been in garage for 20 years. I think the carburetor is gummed up but I would like to have the manual before I start to tinker with them. I have replaced the plug and the fuel lines, and cleaned the card externally.

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the carb is what you want to clean? i would just slowly take it apart and guy some carb cleaner, and then remember or make a diagram where everything goes, i mean it cant be too compicated inside the carb if its a mounted over the rear wheel model, should be quite small and easy to work on

good luck hope this helps

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Are you talking about the orange ones with friction drive,and if you are,what is the brand of the carb?

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Jim Devlin /

It is a McCulloch motor and I don't know the name of the carb.

There are two adjustment screws. I don't know the function of either one so I am hesitant to mess them up. One must be the idle screw and normally one would run it in to the stop then back it out about 1/4 turn or until the engine gets gas. But, alas, which one.

I would like to locate a copy of the instruction book for this engine.

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hey- i have 1 of these two- and have the engine service book, i can copy and scan it 2 you if youd like

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Hi Jake,

I lost your email (my hard drive) and was unable to contact you. I do have both mopeds so that they will fire. One is running but the other quits after about 300 yards.

I am still interested in a copy of the engine manual, if that would be possible, but don't want to impose on you.

I would certainly appreciate it very much if you could scan and send it to me at

Jim Devlin

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