air box removal solved everthing...?

So i've toyed with the 84 puch cobra last night... I removed the air box and now it idles and runs top speed with no problem. SO... i opened the air box to check and clean the airfilter, and no filter was in there. So what do i do? With the air box on it wont idle and then 4 strokes at the top end. Rebuild the carb with a smaller jet, or get a K&N filter and have a great fast ride.



Re: air box removal solved everthing...?

Obviously there is a great restriction in the airbox. Your options are:

Remove airbox and install K&N

Down jet (be vary careful)

Examine the airbox. Maybe some well placed holes will reduce the restriction

Re: air box removal solved everthing...?

I would be doing plug chops, 4 strokes happens when, too lil/much air is getting in or too lil/much exhaust is being trapped or let out.

New plug might help?

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