Whats Up Jawa?

Nathaniel Wood /

I just got a jawa- 1979.

It starts on a half choke, no problem. And it speeds like hell when idling, but the second i brake or put the tire against the ground it stops running. It has not stalled a couple times when the wheel stops until i give it gas. What should I do?

Also, how much could a jawa in good shape go for in the new england area?

Re: Whats Up Jawa?

If it has been sitting for a long time the crankshaft oil seals might have dried out causing them to suck air. If after it has warmed up it will not run without the choke on, this is probably your situation. ounds like an engine overhaul to me.

Re: Whats Up Jawa?

George Smith /

try adjusting your mixture screw all the way down then coming back 3/4 of a turn and see how it runs......if it improves but sounds starved for air loosen till it runs right in small incriments...eventually it should run right doing this if you are not sucking air but eh im running a motor that's been sitting for years from same ped and it's not so dont worry too much as of yet

Re: Whats Up Jawa?

maybe the timing adjustment is off...

that happened on my puch


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