OK, im working on a moped and the transmission will turn and make the chain and rear wheel turn, but for some reason, the pedals don't have any effect on the chain, the pedal shaft just turns and doesn't move the sprocket. Somebody please help me out, its killing me.

Re: transmission

Ben Van Zoest /

Did you engage the starter clutch?

Re: transmission

it would help if i knew how to do that lol

Re: transmission

some bikes have a seperate chain for the pedals. Do you have two chains or one?

Re: transmission

Different bike have diffrerent methods of engaging the pedal to the wheels.

It would help if you let us know the make and model of moped you are working on.

It sounds like your bike has a starter clutch. When you pull in the clutch lever a clutch is engaged that connects the pedals to the engine and wheels. You should have a third lever on the left handlebar. Pull it all the way in and give it a try.

Re: transmission

03 Tomos Targa LX-automatic transmission.

Re: transmission

im having the same exact problem .. i think its a clip im missing inside .. tryin leaning the bike to the right side, it'll catch

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